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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


If you haven't already, send them a letter or something first. Make them aware of your reasons for wanting to leave. It might not help, but it couldn't hurt...could it?

I've talked with the manager a twice about specific problems and she assured me they were trying to address the issues, but things just continue to slide downhill. I hadn't thought about writing a letter if I leave. That's a good idea.

And software upgrades. Don't get me started about software upgrades.

The older I get I am beginning to appreciate the places that used to annoy me: kid free zones, vacation spots for adults only, you get the picture.

My new apartment complex has me thinking the same way.

Find a gym for adults only no teens allowed. As the mom of 3-- I can say Ive entered the "I want peace and quiet" zone...

Chance favors the prepared mind. Crime follows the availability of money and/or stuff. If you leave, the criminals win another round. If you stay, your level of aggravation will likely increase. There is no satisfactory answer, other than your own home gym. Not as much fun, but possibly more secure. I quit years ago after breaking my foot. I regret that, but the cost of travelling to the gym was outweighing the benefits. Good luck to you, whatever you decide. But don't count on much in the way of remedial action from your workout facility. These businesses are transient and ephemeral. They do not value customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Only the cash flow and we are back to the main problem.

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