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Sunday, May 15, 2011


I love bricks and mortar libraries and books comprised of pulp and sinew. I can see, touch and smell these things and, for me, they have meaning; substance; purpose.

I enjoy blogs and the opportunity to contribute ideas and comment on others---to share anecdotes, humor and, yes, philosophy. It is remote that I shall ever meet those I have 'met' in cyberspace. I have interest in them as fellow human beings and appreciation for commonalities we may share.

My family and friends are important to me because we have relationships that are, well, bricks and mortar---sensory connections, borne of sight, smell and touch. I do not share the modern enthusiasm for social networking and doubt that that will change. I do still value privacy---a quantity that is becoming extinct. There are some advantages to and arguments for limitations. I find I am not alone in my beliefs.

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