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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My father would go to great efforts to not reveal what he did for a living. I watched it happen several times.

When asked what he did he would say he was a manager. When asked who he worked for - the government. Next he would say the federal government, and then the Treasury Department. Finally, if they pushed far enough he would have to just say it 'I am a manager with the IRS'.

There was always dead silence after that.

I think he would almost have rather that people would rail against the IRS to him (he would join right in). Even worse - it would cause the questioner to be very uncomfortable. Kind of like he had just announced he was an executioner.


I can just imagine. Thanks for sharing a bit of your Dad's experience. Maybe there should be a social club limited to those who would rather not discuss their work with strangers ;)

I've written elsewhere about not wanting to discuss my work. In my childhood, we were mystified by what our father did. He had been a Naval officer when I was very young. But once he went civilian, I hadn't a clue what he did. Something in the Big City in a suit. When I was about 10 I asked him "But Daddy, what do you do?" "I take money from banks." We kids developed the fantasy that he was a gentleman bank robber. He was in fact in finance and would get together huge loans from European and American banks to Latin American companies. We liked the idea of him being a bank robber better than a boring financier.

Just tell everyone you are a politician :-)

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