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Friday, May 27, 2011


If lead poisoning is a factor in the propensity to commit crime, as the researcher suggests, that might square with physiological evidence that lead exposure damages neurological capacities. Without seeing the research and reading its conclusions, one might only guess.

The elimination of tetra-ethyl lead from gasoline has certainly improved our environment. But I would respectfully offer another notion or two. Firstly, there are many more causalities connected with crime. Those include greed; laziness; apathy; upbringing and amorality. Criminals who are mentally ill or deficient are not as common as the subject research suggests.

Secondly, if the lead-based theory of causation were accurate, the effects of lead-abatement would be either nil or null and void at this point in time. Inasmuch as people are living longer, healthier lives, I have to question the findings of the research. Empiricism can be deceptive.
And, sometimes, research can be used to effect a thesis, where there was no thesis to begin with. Historionic Effect? Maybe so.

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