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Monday, May 23, 2011


Arab recipients of American aid do the same thing. They take our money, they insult us and feed lies to their constituents.


Yes they do, but the Israelis are supposed to be our friends. I expect such two-faced behavior from dictators, but not from allies who accept billions in American aid.

Benjamin Netanyahu was never a friend of the United States. His first stint as Israeli Prime Minister showed that much. Moreover, we are foolish if we characterize Israel as our friend. We are only as good as our defense of their cultural intractibility towards their neighbors. If we deviate in any measure from that posture, we become the goat.

But there are two partners to any Tango. And the Arab world is every bit as intractible as the Israelis. For decades (six and counting), the US leadership has felt the obligation to meddle in the affairs of the Middle East and to defend Israel. To the best of my understanding, it has been a futile undertaking. Someone must know something I don't. I'd like to know what that is. Wouldn't you?

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