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Saturday, May 21, 2011


There are goats, scapegoats and escape goats. Recently, a fifteen year old died after drinking one or more of those caffeine and alcohol saturated drinks. The parents of the deceased youth have avowed they will sue the company that developed and marketed the drink. We are not told how or under what circumstances the young man got hold of the material that led to his death. But, the parents will sue. Based on limited information, I offer the following scenario:

a) the youth became the goat when he exercised his choice to consume the offending product, lost control of his faculties and paid for all with his life.

b) the company became the scapegoat, by virtue of the fact that it developed and marketed a potentially dangerous product.

c) the parents seek to become the escape goats by filing and winning(?) a lawsuit against the offending company. It does not matter to them that their own negligence played some part in the death of their child. In fact, they deny and abrogate any responsibility whatsoever.

Goats and scapegoats may be forgiven their trespasses. Because they simply made decisions and acted on those, sometimes in good faith; sometimes not. Escape goats are a different animal. They see everyone else as perpetrator and themselves as those who have been wronged.

There is an old adage about such people: you are not a failure in life until you blame everyone else for your own shortcomings (paraphrased.)

How many hateful, truly evil acts can be attributed to projection?
Unconscious self hatred may explain much of the bigotry and hate crimes that happen; ie. disadvantaged white people blaming the even more disadvantaged brown and black people for their situation or the serial killer that targets prostitutes on the pretense of "improving society".
People that hate themselves often are unaware of their affliction or the motives that cause them to harm others.
Having said that,IANAP (i am not a psychologist)

May 21st came and went. The only ones among us who may have been disappointed were Mr. Camping and those who subscribe to the doomsday ethic. I recall that the Reverend hedged his bet, saying that there would be an interim of five months before the world would expire.That caveat was in the news again today.

So, just you wait until October---just you wait...

Enjoy your summer---even if it does not stop raining.

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