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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


DISINFORMATION: It sounds so much more innocuous than misinformation and far more sanitary still than propaganda. No one uses the word LIES anymore. Because you can be sued for that one.

There was a column in my city's local paper yesterday, dealing with our newly-elected Attorney General's determinstion to improve the processing time for DNA and other biological evidence at BCI laboratories in the State of Ohio.

I'll see if I can forward to you the response it ellicited from little me. (If you are interested in reading it first hand and are more electronically saavy than me, I am sure you could Google it with key words The Columbus, Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio or some such.)

Disinformation is most often engaged for upsmanship of one sort or another: political gain; obfuscation of undesired facts; manipulation of money or ideology; or hiding an inconvenient truth (which, by the way, pretty well encompasses all of the above.)

It isn't a lie, no, because it can always be plausibly denied if called to account by astute observers. "Oh, we made a mistake"; "our research was faulty"; "the cub reporter was, um, overly enthusiastic" etc., etc. These lies to cover up lies are the last Great Gamble taken and are taken with due and diligent calculation.

But, I have said too much here. So, I'll cease, desist and forward the referenced email. If it has not been rendered irretrievable.

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