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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. Justice,in its most elemental sense, is getting mad and then getting even. I love it when billionaires squirm---if it is only a little bit. When you cheat and get caught, you will pay a price, however small that may be. Poorer people have a greater experience and understanding of this. The wealthy can afford to look away. Chirp, chirp. chirp...

Stevie is a sweetie. I am so glad it worked out for her.

Businesspeople are often an odd lot and often know very little about PR or morality. The political thing I get. Not that I like Santorum even a little bit but everybody has a political preference. He'd be better off to just keep it under wraps.

The stealing designs and selling them as one's own thing makes no sense. Just make a deal and pay royalties. Compared to what UO sells the stuff for, the cost to do right by the artist is a pittance.

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