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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I ask myself: Is he the disease, or is he a symptom? There have been so many symptoms in my sixty-three+ years that I can no longer keep track of them. The list of names; behaviors; policies; actions; et cetera go on forever. And something in these people makes them enjoy the notoriety: the fifteen-minute syndrome?

Corruption lurks in the shadows and later thrives upon recognition. So curious, this.

The criminal secretly wants to be caught? I would like to understand it, but it seems far too complex---far outside the rational mind. The sociopath laughs at conventional society and says: catch me---I'll laugh at you some more. Put me in jail---I'll survive and become stronger, more determined to do it my way. Fred was right*.

(*Friedrich---I can never remember how to spell his last name, though.)

There is a column in the paper today by one of the many syndicated writers who get to share their studied opinions with media consumers. The heading is: Weiner's online heedlessness is incredible in this day and age. Really?

Inasmuch as there appear to be hundreds, maybe thousands of users who abuse internet access daily, why would some egotistical politician's 'heedlessness' be thought of as incredible? What I find incredible is the artificial naivete of the columnist.

What rock has she been living under?

The Carpenter (whom I have read before) said it well. Neuman spoke of national color,and correctly criticized the syndicated elite who tell us what we already know---getting well-paid to do so.
(Yawn). I suppose it matters little. I'd like to work again. At something. But not for $7.75/hour, and paying tax on that? I paid tax on my income for thirty+ years.

Why would I want to pay any more tax than I pay already? I am older, sure, but I'm not stupid---yet.

(well, yes---I am stupid. haven't left here again---yet.)

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