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Sunday, June 05, 2011


Inasmuch as I have no fame to conceal (or to depend upon); no particular selfhood or selfdom that needs enhancement; and no compelling vanity to feed, a disguise might be an advantage, so long as it did not render me recognizable as someone who I am not. Mistaken mistaken identity could have negative repercussions. There was some sort of advertisement on TV awhile back that featured some guy who LOOKED like Kevin Bacon. Or did he?

Maybe he was Kevin Bacon, after all. And if he was really Mr. Bacon, I am sure he was paid well. If not, he was paid pretty well, nonetheless. This becomes Escheresque, at some point, doesn't it? We just don't know if we are coming, going, reflecting or deflecting, up or down.


no fame here-but when I used to bartend I would 'wear costumes, wigs, and such' and it was awesome--granted my face was the same-but for a day or evening it gave me the freedom to be who I wanted and such;

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