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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Gangbangers showed up in droves...too many for the cops to stay on top of them. Rahm better nip this shit in the bud: BEACH OPENED TO THE PUBLIC, CLOSED TO GANGBANGERS.

Chicago beaches weren't the only beaches invaded by thugs. Boston, New York and others. WTF?

Philosophers, behaviorists and some social historians believe and write about the tendency of evolution towards order and complexity, rather than chaos and simplicity. Mostly they mean evolution in its grandest sense: an ever-expanding universe. I'm no Einstein so I can't do the math but I do know that chaos is insidious and exploits all available weaknesses which order and complexity present.

It loves the fickle nature of the human animal and the 'malleability' of his reptilian brain*. I hope the optimists are right about order and complexity. But I fear they are missing something here, math notwithstanding.

(* your post on memory fired a neuron and nudged a ventricle. Malleability is such an expressive term. Gang warfare is getting worse---even in Nowhere, USA---my home town.)

Alarming stuff, Mark. It almost looks coordinated, but I would need to see some solid evidence to believe that.

I was reading Second City Cop this morning, and he claims this has been happening in Chicago for two years on holidays, covered up by the former mayor. I don't know how the mayor could block a story like this given the blogosphere, but it does seem more likely that the heat was used an an excuse to cover up the real reason for closing the beach.

But police in Boston are saying gangs were not involved in the conflicts at Carson Beach.

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