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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Here's my first experience with being on local news: A station from Memphis (the largest market near Oxford) was doing a story on "the growth of the Square"-- the middle part of Oxford, where my office is, and where there's a famous bookstore. The bookstore owner, who also grew up here, knew I didn't have the same perspective as the story and suggested they interview me.

I said that I wasn't sure I'd say the Square was growing so much as changing, that it was once the center for the entire community, with 2 hardware stores, dry goods stores, and even a couple of small grocery stores, along with a small row of black owned businesses just off the Square, while now it was largely bigger banks, restaurants, some high end clothes stores, and the bookstore-- that it served a much narrower band of the community now.

They did not use one second of the interview with me but ran their "Growth of the Square" story.

NMC, Interesting story, but not surprising.

NMissC: I haven't seen Oxford in 17 years, (I was at UM 88-93) but even then the real life version of the town was being pushed out of sight and out of mind. Your friend R., at S Books, has long been a cheerleader for the changes, some good and some bad.

Too bad your comments were ignored. Once producers of "news" programs have a narrative (small town builds on famous author to become cultural mecca!) there is little incentive to present alternative points of view.

(and I clicked over to your blog and saw the news that Dean Faulkner Wells has died. What a shame.)

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