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Monday, July 25, 2011


The basic misunderstanding is thinking that the Hitler Youth organizations were about politics as we Americans understand and practice politics.

'Tis best not to succumb to the temptation to think like your enemy to refute him. It just results in another wrong idea or statement.

The last paragraph of the Kos article is the one that displays this inherent misunderstanding at its worst:

"Where kids are indoctrinated with extremist political views and taught to hate the government? Just like the Hitler youth?"

This is true even if the Kos point is that political camps are OK if the goal is to teach the youth to love the government... just like the Hitler Youth.

And a Christian youth camp doesn't have its own political agenda?

Love the answer to the reprehensible right Dr. X - great observation about not thinking & acting like the enemy, lest we resemble the "enemy" on the other end of the spectrum- Yes, if teaching the essence of Christianity, no political agenda there - Beck is not Christ!

The machinations behind Beck's statement seem painfully, unavoidably obvious to me. Would Beck have made this statement if the killer had been a jihadist? Not a chance. Beck would have homed in on the Islamic ideology of the killer. But Brievek is ideologically closer to Beck than he is to the Muslims both men despise. Beck's solution to the disconcerting ideological similarity between himself and the murderer is to ignore the ideology of the killer and refocus on the ideological ties of the murder victims, portraying them as "a little like Hitler Youth." No way would Beck have done this if the killer were a Muslim. He would be talking instead about the evil ideology of the Muslim killer.

If a muslim were behind the attack Beck would have also chuckled over how muslims had turned on their socialist/progressive allies/useful idiots.
Beck and his ilk are quite predictable.
They repeat the same neo-nazi Bircher type talking points over and over and every event to them confirms their twisted ideology regardless of reality.

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