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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


all that occurs to you is that these human beings decided to end their lives in a manner capable of disrupting your commute? wow.

Wow back at you Sandra,

Perhaps you misunderstood because you didn't read my previous post? If you didn't, I can appreciate how you [mis]interpreted my intention in this post.

In the previous post, I was speculating on the possible meaning of the choice of location for these suicides. I wasn't concerned in the least about my commute being affected, but I was considering the possibility that choosing to do this during rush hour may have had some conscious or unconscious motivation. I was concerned about the meaning of the location to the suicide victim, not the meaning to me. I'm a psychologist. I try to understand the meanings of choices people make. I look for possible subtexts and statements that their actions make.

My post was also about the suffering of the engineers in these trains. As I also explained in the previous post, I knew both the engineer and the victim in one particular RR crossing accident.

For the record, in the first suicide, my commute was only minimally affected. The second suicide didn't affect my commute at all. I only read about it in the paper. But had my commute been significantly affected, it would be of no concern to me in the context of someone's tragic death.

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