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Sunday, August 14, 2011


I guess I have missed a lot: 2000+ years of suspicion and enmity among the cultures mentioned never happened? I have heard of and seen various forms of revisionist activity. This contention puts the dill in the pickle. Well, you learn something new everyday. But we don't have to believe everything we learn. I got that, long after high school. Hmmmmph.

The AP's timeline is a bit off (Islam is much younger than Christianity, by what: twelve hundred years or so?) But his illustration is, nonetheless, apt. Older theologies are loathe to cede ground and/or constituents to newer ones. There will always be that enmity and suspicion AP mentions and it can be no other way, modern efforts at cultivating diversity, notwithstanding.

Those who seek revisionism as an answer to social and cultural ills are looking in the wrong medicine chest. I think perhaps this is what AP was trying to say. I also think I said it better---sorry AP.

There are no panaceas or placebos for cultural intractibility (sp?) We all 'have our own album to do'(old musicians' adage from the 1970s...well, some of those musicians were older, some, younger.)

Intentions are almost never what they at first appear to be: predation is genetically programmed. We simply try to sugar-coat the reptillian brain. Imagine that.If you come to a fork in the road, leave it alone, unless you think it is made of silver...watch your back.

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