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Friday, August 05, 2011


Just for the record, it's as much drivel from the South as it is from Chicago. Half-way through it, I thought, "Why is Dr. X having me read this?" and then reached the part where you demand the same thing from Andrew Sullivan.

Among the many reasons I thought this was drivel was that she imagines that she speaks for other women from the South. And that's only one of the problems with it. But most of all, I couldn't figure out if Sullivan posted this because he thought it was drivel or because he thought there could be something to it. I sure hope it isn't the latter.

Gaaaah! What tripe! I'm offended by the stereotyping of women from particular parts of the country. To put it mildly. I cook every meal from scratch, baked cookies for the school fundraisers, give my friends home cooked meals and I'm a Yankee...I don't do what I do because of where I'm from but because of individual choices day to day.

And just WHAT would Andrew Sullivan know about different kinds of American women anyway??? He will always be an outsider. It's a bit like the middle school troll boy saying "I know what makes the cheerleaders tick!"

Reese Witherspoon in sweatpants.


Reese in sweats.


"So she's a caretaker, but not a caretaker of others. "

The pay off for holding up through the drivel. Ms Glock wants to be seen, by herself and others, as a caregiver of herself and others. In the second quote the persona falls apart. I wonder if she is even fooling herself.

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