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Monday, August 29, 2011


Oh, I'm listening! He's demanding that we get serious about loving our neighbor, taking care of the needy, reminding us that the love of money is the root of all evil, that we humans have been granted dominion over the Earth and all its resources, and we'd better be damned careful how we treat it. If Republicans are hearing something else, they're demonstrably not Christians.

If this wasn't so sad, it would be funny.
God Help us

The circus is in town. Things will only get more absurd as we approach the 2012 election date. And, whether anyone agrees with me or no, it IS funny.

Whether humor was intended or not the idea that God is a Tea Party type Republican is laughable.
WWJD? Jesus would come back and demand no universal health care, that the wealthy don't need to render unto Caesar,the military can spend all they want and the wretched poor and hungry should haul themselves up by there own sandal straps.

I don't know. It has been said, in jest or in seriousness, that God helps those who help themselves. To me, this means that if one truly wishes to become rich, one will find a way---through honest labor or through criminal activity of some sort. What this also says, I think, is that God is in a laissez faire mode and has been for recorded time. WWJD? I don't know because I don't have a pipeline. How about WWJT? (...THINK) Again, there is no substantive measure available...

There was something in the news today about Republicans (generally) condemning science. Well, if this is remotely true, I'll remain more allied with Democrat or Independent thinking. Which is where I have been for nearly forty-four years. (I do not count my first twenty years of life. Few of us know our ass from a hole in the ground during that time anyway.)

Most of what I have read about the God notion has solidified most of what I have believed. Dennett (Breaking the Spell); Dawkins (The God Delusion); and Hitchens (god is not great) have similar views on this. So, go your own way and discover your own truths---such is as it should be. Seems to me.

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