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Friday, August 12, 2011


Just this August, I moved away from the Chicago area for the first time. Your pix are making me homesick!

So of course I select the Rosehill pic to comment on ;-)

But that's because I love that place - a place where peace, beauty and history mingle with the dead.

I'm assuming you've been to Graceland (the one at Clark & Irving, not the one in Memphis.) The Potter Palmers can be found here (as grand and opulent in death as in life). You can also find Daniel Burnham, Louis Sullivan and Mies Van der Rohe.

George Pullman's grave can be seen as a monument to labor discord. From Graceland's website (http://bit.ly/u548Kb):

"If you decide to sit and rest at the Pullman exedra (which means it has seats) you might well use the time to ponder what’s between you and George Pullman, the famous inventor of the sleeping car and the infamous landlord of his workers.

Solon Beman, who built Pullman’s feudally run town, designed the stately Corinthian column. But what’s underground is more interesting: Pullman’s coffin, covered in tarpaper and asphalt, is sunk in a concrete block the size of a room. On top of the block lie railroad ties and even more concrete. Why so secure? The family feared that Pullman’s angry workers, whose wages were cut while their rents remained the same, would resort to skullduggery at the gravesite."

The issue of wages and rents have long been argued in America....

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