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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hi, Doc:
My muse and cherished alter ego copied you on an email that was sent to friends and media regarding Mr. Cheney and others who feel compelled to write books about their 'public service' years. If you have read it and find it worthwhile for connection with this blog post, please share it, in whole or in part, with your loyal following. I have always believed Cheney was a wacko and would not waste my time reading his book. Selective memory is an illness, tied closely to arrogance and conceit. You read it here.

Sarah "I-might-run-for-president" Palin has popped up again, making pronouncements about the "culture of corruption" issue and the professional politician class prevalent in Washington DC. Someone should have told her that this ploy has already been pursued. While she is obviously trying to appear informed, her advisers (if she has any)are clearly not up to snuff.

There is one overarching weakness with Ms. Palin: she is such a waste of time better spent on other candidates.

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