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Friday, August 19, 2011


Profs who are tenured need not worry about student evaluations.
Profs at elite schools are dealing with very bright kids and if the students perform as required, their grades should be high and not on bell curve.

Easier to give high grades than to work to evaluate.

Stating what IS is not the same as suggesting what NEEDS TO BE DONE...if it is believed that something ought to be donze.

Idea: do away with grade system and have Passed and/or Failed.

My hypothesis: professors inflate students' grades because tuition is so expensive that to alienate a student in any way threatens a significant source of revenue. My hypothesis is not without basis in experience.

It's one more instance in which our fantasy that market forces are the only legitimate way to shape our society is destroying institutions not traditionally deemed commercial. Universities are no longer sources of teaching and scholarship. They compete for consumers (the students) and produce intellectual property they try to monetize.

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