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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


hope that you are feeling better soon.

Hope all is well. As a blogger and a blog reader, I know both sides of the "where is the free reading matter??" equation.

Dennis, NMC, thanks for the good wishes. I expect to fine within a few days.

I too have wondered about the spelling of the madman's name. It may not matter much soon, but it does make you wonder.

I can spell ga-daffy: P-A-R-I-A-H. The thing that still troubles me is the substantive (or procedural?) origins of the domino effect leading to the changes we have witnessed since Tunisia. Was there one straw which was the last one, or has this movement been inevitable from the beginning of---what? Social historians are probably now theorizing on this and there is likely more than one book soon to be released. I have my own suspicions, but cannot prove anyone of them. My spider sense warns me that something nefarious is afoot. But, well---the pundits will opine soon enough. I suspect.

Dr. X:

Sorry to hear you were unwell, hope all is set aright, soon.

Mallomar Quitedaffy, absent his sociopathy and homicidal "solutions" to the problems of successful governance is just a silly bumbler, oh, maybe there's a problem with those exceptions.

I'm sure that the experts will now tell us that it was impossible to know that the colonel would turn out to be a tad bit unpopular with the masses that he abused for almost 40 years. Either that or they will tell us that they had him pegged in 1972 but, in consideration of georealpolitik and NatSec that they buried their report.

Kadafi Duck

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