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Friday, August 12, 2011


(I think you may mean "sowing" - like wild oats - rather than "sewing" - stitching cloth together.)

Dr. X: Yes, Good grief! Thank you, Ross. Readers, please don't hesitate to point out typos/missing words/double word/assorted errors. I am almost blind looking at text on screen, and God knows what might come out of my fingers when I type.

When did religion start to attract so much attention from the political culture of these United States? Sure, there have been some paradigm shifts. A lot of people were bent out of shape when John F. Kennedy, a blatant Roman Catholic, ran for and won the whitehouse. But most of that apprehension abated when he did a pretty good job as president.

Here's how I see the current situation: Those who thump the Bible and trumpet their piety and squeeky clean moralities are using the age-old strategy of distraction. They are mostly long on rhetoric and short on specifics and I would not trust them to run a junk yard, much less preside over the affairs of a country.

The Bachmanns, Palins, Romneys and others are frightening examples of public incompetance. We have one other such windbag sitting in our statehouse. His supporters think he is the greatest thing since windproof matches. But his approval rating has been falling since he was elected last November. Distraction is the ally of political hacks, stripes or spots notwithstanding. But, you can't fool everyone.

Or---can you?

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