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Monday, August 08, 2011


Didn't read any of the southern belle scenario. I guess it is because I have always found the concept, uh, pretentious(?) Gone With the Wind probably poisoned my mind regarding any objective consideration of southern belles. Apparently, in the minds of some,the old south never died. That's a pity, but it fits with an adage I heard from a special ops friend, maybe fifteen years ago: Never apologize; it is a sign of weakness. Bob was not a southern man, as far as I know. But he was all-American. 'nuff said...

The upcoming media piece on "The Help" will not get my attention either. I like social historicity---it has always interested me. But there is an artificiality now that leads me to say: What?---Perhaps I SHOULD be asking: why?

But, of course, there will be those who think I am nitpicking or worse. And just so...

Dan Dennett has said: If you make yourself really small, you can externalize anything.
It is all getting curiouser and curiouser. Thanks, Alice.

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