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Monday, August 08, 2011


Some may not like what I am about to say. If the Doctor does not like it, no one will know it was said. Dennett has written about determinism in his FREEDOM EVOLVES. The clear facts of the matter are these, (among others, perhaps):
-We are only human. Often, in the rush of our fascination with our achievements and overall progress as a species, we think we can control everything. Bad assumption.
-When we say: see you later; see you tomorrow; let's do lunch---those avowals are hopeful reliances upon temporally proximate conditions. Maybe they are expressions of faith. But faith is fickle.
-There was something vaguely prophetic in N. N. Taleb's Black Swan. But if one reads the book and considers the background and experiences of the author, one realizes he at least knows something of which he writes.
-It does not matter all that much how we label things. Absolutisms, determinism or what-have-you---these are academic terms, applied in an attempt to explain/understand the things that happen to us.
-I have a friend who is a teacher. He will retire in a year or so, economics permitting. I used to ask him: how was YOUR day today? His response: I went to work, had lunch, and came home.This from an art teacher---an art teacher who works with developmentally disabled children and adults.

So, don't worry too much when things don't turn out the way you planned. It happens all the time. To all kinds of people.

I could so relate to this:

"as I looked around the ballroom, they all seemed like strange and alien beings to me. Or more accurately, I seemed like a strange and alien being--not of this world. The others seemed so vitalized, engaged with one another in a lively manner. I, in contrast, felt deadened and broken, a shell of the man I had once been. An unbridgeable gulf seemed to open up, separating me forever from my friends and colleagues. They could never even begin to fathom my experience, I thought to myself, because we now lived in altogether different worlds...[...]"

It's possible for repeated traumas to call forth such feelings. One can heal and supposedly deal with a tragedy, only to be blindsided by the same old responses to the next trauma. Tho self-awareness helps, obviously. To know that one is going into alien misfit mode again and needs to fight it...

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