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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have always wondered about the origin(s?) of the word scapegoat. Now, I know one of them. In corresponding with another relative newcomer to the blogosphere, I shared some wisdom from E.O. Wilson, quoted from his book, THE FUTURE OF LIFE,page 40:

"Humanity did not descend as angelic beings into this world. We evolved here, one among among many species...

That is the essence of environmentalism...But it is not yet a general worldview, evidently not yet compelling enough TO DISTRACT MANY PEOPLE AWAY FROM THE PRIMAL DIVERSIONS OF SPORT, POLITICS,RELIGION, AND PRIVATE WEALTH." (emphasis mine)

Mob rule and action is very much a primal behavior...an extension of the oft discussed reptillian brain. It is, at once,a human strength and a weakness---a tool for survival and an instrument of destruction. Bartman was certainly where he wanted to be on that fateful day. And, in the heat of the moment, he made a choice that forever changed his life.

Most of us have done the same thing at least once. Luckily for us, we did not interfere with the outcome of a baseball game. That's a sure recipe for stirring up snakes and lizards. Baseball and politics: don't tread on me.

More about the original scapegoats here.

(Still reading) Superb, thanks for your ongoing realism re: the human condition. And I think that the Cubs (and of course their fans) actually derive some gravitas from their 103 years of futility, whereas my team, the Reds, merely maintain a 20-year stretch of relatively ignoble mediocrity.

The Reds of the 1970s were really something. Though my family lived NY-CT, one of my brothers was a Reds fanatic.

Retort to the Carpenter:
It has been this way since the time of the early Romans and Greeks, yes? Primal diversions are what we are made of---so far. A pity there are but a few of us who want to progress to something of greater substance. Thanks to you, Doctor, for initiating this blog and helping us to think better. Baseball? Well, it is the great American pass time---after all these years. The hotdog makers have gotten rich many times over because of baseball;off of waste meat and "meat by-products". But that is another blog subject altogether. May Providence bless us all, er, uh---if we really deserve it(?)*

(*see Dawkins, Dennett and Hitchens for exposees on The Jesus Incident, The Lazarus Effect**, and other forms of mankind's refusal to accept responsibility for his shortcomings.)

(**Frank Herbert, RIP)

This stuff is all inextricably connected---the evolutionary, revolutionary nature of humans. But, the book has not yet been published. And I have given too much away. Oh well.The camel is silent.The Arabs are in their tents, eating their dates..., or hummus,---or something.

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