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Thursday, September 22, 2011


We have entered the fictional worlds of Bradbury, Heinlein, Orwell and company.We have brought much of those woes upon ourselves, by ignoring preventions in favor of penalties and retributions. There is not enough money to treat and mediate, and,more and more, there is not enough to fund protective services. There are myriad other reasons why law enforcement fails and it appears we are 'stuck' in the resulting maelstrom. I'd rather live somewhere else, sure. But there appears to be no feasible solution---for me and mine, or for anyone else.

Hope you are feeling better and your energy level improves.

I think the officers involved were not evaluated psychologically.
Their anger at the mentally ill should have been detected during the police training process.
It is a case of "one bad apple spoils the bunch".
a similar event took place in the killing of Robert Dziekanski, police assumed him crazy, and his response of PAIN to the taser as more "resisting arrest", so they gave him more tazer.

PLEASE keep posting articles dealing with mental illness. As the publisher of MediaGrinder Networks we believe the stigma and social outcasting of people suffering from mental illness is criminal. Beating a suspect, mentally ill or not, is just noting more than a hate crime, bullying, and ignorance.

I applaud you and your work on this story. I think this is an important issue and will be reposting this so more people become aware and maybe someone can start a discussion of change on how to treat the mentally ill.

We are at war. Many of the men and women fighting for our freedom will likely suffer PTSD or other forms of mental illness. Is this how we intend to treat our heros? The person you pass daily asking for help could be the very person who saved your freedom.

Law enforcement have many methods for those resisting arrest. Beating a person should not be one of them. If these officers thought this man to be in crisis why wasn't an EMT called in to assist with stabilizing the man via meds?

These scum bag so called cops if you can call them that they are just a bunch of scum bag punk gang bangers all six of them, one may have killed this man but all where involved just being there they all had weapons and could have stop there scum bag buddy from this horrific crime but just help in the crime of murder, these cops in orange county are mostly hot headed punks most look like gang bangers, also LAPD are a bunch of scum bag liars they will arrest you for what ever reason they think of maybe even beat the shit out of you or if no witnesses around kill you, here's the good shit these half ass cops after being on duty after a few years if they start to feel burned out they just commit a horrific crime and they receive vacation pay for life with all benefits how's that, looks like an incentive to commit a criminal act for a early paid retirement, will any of these punks see jail time maybe one of them and maybe a year or two ? the system needs an enema ASAP

You guys are all stuck on the fact that the poor victim was mentally ill. I think it's a much larger problem. This kind of tragedy can happen to ANYBODY. Some out-of-control policemen use excessive force and taser (which is extremely painful and potentially life-threatening) with impunity.

The law has to clearly state that any person has the right to self-defence, and to specifically mention "including when physically attacked by police". And if your life or health (or the life or health of your loved ones) is in danger due to police actions, you can defend yourself with all and any means necessary.

The society has to say "enough" to those sadistic power-hungry criminals hiding behind the shield. The way it is right now we don't even have the right to defend our lives against them (leave alone our dignity). Police beatings and taserings should be treated as aggravated assault with the use of deadly weapon (beacause they are carrying a gun).

A real police officer has to be our protector, not a threat to our well-being.

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