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Monday, September 26, 2011


It appears that law frequently has unintended consequences. This is probably because people dislike being told what they may or may not do. Sure, they SAY they want law and order, meaning: they want the Cro-Magnon who stole the BMW caught and prosecuted; and they want to believe they will not be mugged when they walk out of their $500,000 homes.

But, if they are charged when they run a red light; refuse to pay a parking ticket; or violate traffic laws while riding their bicycles, they just don't think laws should apply to them. Have you noticed this in Chicago? I'll bet you have.

There are double standards; and then, there are no standards at all. I guess this is why we have dictators, despots and potentates. Kingliness is next to, what? Omnipotence? I'm OK; you're not so hot?


Hell, if I could figure out how to make money at this, I would not be writing here---or would I?

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