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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I gave up trying to figure out which companies were ideologically in tune with me and/or didn't hire stupid lawyers years ago. Too much trouble and I'd never be able to buy anything anywhere.

But after the "artist" gets a court to decide whether a common phrase such as "eat more" can be copyrighted or not, he should seriously question his "artistic" instincts that lead him to use it.

I think he should win because the actual Chick fil A slogan that they could copyright is "Eat Mor Chikin".

I wonder if they went after the Eat More Possum bumper sticker people. There is, at least, a copyrighted song with that title. Also, Eat More Crawfish and there's, um...

Not familiar with that song, so I googled it. Apparently that's the title of an album with a song called "Animals... eat 'em".

I also found a Jerry Jeff Walker song, "Takin' It As It Comes" with this as the first line of the chorus: "Eat more possum, God bless John Wayne". The song was on a 1981 album - 20 something years before Chick Fil A started the Cow Campaign.

The song was also on JJW albums in 1991 and 1995. Makes me wonder if the ad firm that did the campaign stole the idea from that song.

...the ad firm and Chick Fil A both being southern companies and all and possums being "what's for dinner" when one is too poor to have chicken.

I'm picturing a couple of chickens holding up a sign reading "Eat Mor Possums".

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