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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I just cannot ever imagine how that cop can justify his hosing of the UC Davis seated students like that...with pepper spray as if they were garden weeds. Not only should he be fired and stripped of any status he had in the police dept., he should be hosed with the spray for equal justice.

Don't forget about the events back in the 1990's where protesters chained themselves together in the office of a forester. (They were attempting protesting the timber industry and the loss of old growth forest in NoCal). The local sheriff came in a swabbed the eyes and noses of the protesters with pepper spray/ They didn't spray it because it was indoors and they didn't want to get the product all over the place. It was a big deal in the NoCal media, not sure what play it got in the national press.
California is blue only on the edges of the state. The interior is as red (and nasty as only those southern rednecks) can be. George Wallace would be proud of men like Dan Lungren.

Crowd control is never the same as punishment. Crowd punishment is never justified. Citizens have a legal right to protest, and being pepper sprayed should never be a consequence of exerting our legal rights in a democratic country.

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