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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Several ideas, Doc, which might lead to thought experiments:

1. You recognized him---was there any reason to believe HE knew YOU?

2. If NO to the above, was there a possibility that you were being PUNKED?
(Of course, punking usually involves recognition of some sort...) If the punking thing is out, let's move on..,

3. Histrionics aside, let's consider, of all things, vanity. Famous people like to stroke their own egos---happens everyday. Lindsay Lohan; Kim-bob Kardashian; Paris Hilton. The thing is recognition. If I am famous, I must make sure people know it!
Otherwise---I'm not famous, and boo hoo.

I could go on, but I'm not the doctor here.
If you ever want to talk about the HISTORIONIC EFFECT and forget about histrionics, fly me to Chicago. I would like to meet you. In any case, I'm in your corner---mostly. If my wife dies, I won't stay here---Canada is colder, yet warmer, if you get the continental drift.

Well, he wouldn't know me. He's from here, but moved to California at least 20 years ago. I did sit next to him once in about 1994, at a bar. I was with a woman I was seeing at the time, and we had been planning to go to the fireworks, but they were rained out. So we walked to a nearby pub and took seats at the bar. The actor who sat across from me this morning, came into the bar with another famous actor and a bunch of people who looked like they were probably siblings and friends. He plopped down on the stool next to me where he spent the next several hours. That was 17 years ago. He doesn't remember me.

Hey! that was me and my chick of the day...nice, right? As Chuck Darwin once uttered: that's the way things work, sort of fun, no?

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