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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Freedom of speech? Well, it is another relative sort of freedom, isn't it? Mobs of towel heads chant death to America (more recently: death to England) and no one bats an eye. Radical Islamic clerics put out contracts on those who have insulted their Prophet and those who are threatened go into hiding or into government protection programs.

But no one dares to call it the way it is:
Islam is trapped in that first millenium time warp---which, by the way,entails so many things that Christians and others abhor: subjugation of women, perhaps chief among those. I am sick of appeasement. I am sick of US involvement with a culture that is CLEARLY backward, and the American ideal of somehow changing that culture, by wasting American resources and sacrificing American lives.

How many times, over how many generations, does this foolishness have to continue, before some voice of reason has the common sense to say ENOUGH---and make it so?

I think that question could have been asked in a more civil manner. The reporter's hostility was evident, and the NPC had every right to sanction him.

Of course Turki's reply was evasive. Yes, it took 134 years to establish universal suffrage in the USA; is Turki suggesting that Saudi women must wait until 2056 before this right is granted to them? However long it took the America & the rest of the developed West to get here, universal suffrage is now the norm. And at least the democratic West long ago established the institutions of representative democracy, which are either nonexistent or in their infancy in SA.

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