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Wednesday, December 07, 2011


The gallery owner is probably just pissed that the. Sw rich aren't sufficiently secede rial to his taste. Or, worse, that they avoid using him as middleman and deal directly with the artists or decide for themselves what they like instead of being told what they "should" like. All modern art is to some extent a con, and hedge fund traders are constitutionally suited to play the game of dealing in something that has. O real value and assessing timo g and risk. They are therefore likely to shuck aside dealers who are greedy, get in their way.

Hedgies are used to laundering so much money for people that they really don't like having taste dictated to them.

The art world today is dealing hideous art (at least the modern stuff) for vast profit and investment types and other feral sorts are actually likelier to do well at if then "artsy" types.

Also, the Internet makes it much easier to collect and avoid middlemen.

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