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Monday, December 05, 2011


I suppose the title of this post could be misleading. I don't think this is actually the view of America Newt actually has. He is, no doubt, a conservative, but not, in reality a social conservative, and he's definitely not sappy sentimentalist. I've followed his machinations for too long to believe that. Newt's a very calculating man who probably doesn't think very much of the people to whom this particular video appeals.

While I find his style contemptible, I don't disagree with him quite as often as some people might expect. Of course, his every utterance is horrific to someone who is down the line liberal, but he has a worthy pragmatic streak, IMO. It's too bad that it's lost in the poison.

Oh, I think he very well could be a sappy sentimentalist, particularly if it represented the main chance. Irony is clearly not in his mindset, given that he (like all Republican "leaders") is working for and forever in the pay of those who are wholly unmindful and even contemptuous of the values represented by those iconic images.

Abe Lincoln's America with only one person who might not be totally white. Remarkable.

Women will be the comically virginal hot 100% Aryan shop girl or the "woman in the red dress" spooge receptacle who dresses like a hooker for work. Oh, there was a nice white teacher also, presumably anit-union to her core.

Whatever you say, Buford. (Or: whatever you said...) correct spelling is not a weakness; punctuation is helpful; and, sentences that express complete thoughts improve communication dramatically. Hell, even Ernie Hemingway knew that much!

Newt is just not worth much wailing or gnashing of teeth. It would truly be a shame if he were to be the Republican nominee for president. But, the Dems would be licking their lips and counting their blessings. One man's trash is another man's treasure---or something like that...

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