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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Most of us do not care. Those who do need to think again.

I care. A long time ago, my brother's best friend, Brian, a nice kid, got dragged into Scientology by his mother. I'm not sure what the whole backstory was, but his mother got involved with Scientology after a divorce. I know father was totally out of the picture. Anyway, my brother's friend was not happy about Scientology. He needed help from someone who knew what they were doing and he didn't get it. Instead, he drove his car off a cliff in Washington. I've always wondered if things would have been different if he hadn't been delivered into the hands of these know-nothing Scientology creeps who slander people like me and discourage people in desperate need from getting real help instead of their spaceman lunacy and lies.

If we're counting reader votes, I care, too, and share your reaction, Dr. X.

IANAP but my diagnosis is the fellow that emerges from the $cientology building is suffering from either HAT (highly agitated thetans) or roid rage.

There is a train of thought out there that makes some sense---if we are able to detach from emotional finger-pointing and all-too-human victimization. We get ourselves into all sorts of dilemmas because we are gullible and want to believe the best of everyone. But this is self-defeating twaddle. Much of the world is not made that way. This is one aspect of what one thinker has called historionic effect. Many (if not most) of us play into it, because?...

we are gullible and want to believe the best of everyone---dissapointment leads to disillusionment, leading to suspicion, distrust and war. It has been happening since before our most recent ancestors became conscious. There is nothing to stop it now, short of sundrie disasters that, for a moment,pull people together. None of that is enduring, though. Peace on Earth is an empty platitude. Good will towards men happens once a year---in some places.

Neuman has it mostly right---seems to me.

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