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Saturday, December 03, 2011


How quaintly synchronistic! I have been reading Stephen J. Gould's essay collection, THE LYING STONES OF MARRAKECH. At #17, Gould talks about A Tale of Two Worksites and expounds on the "Social Darwinism" of Herbert Spencer. It is tale also of the rich and powerful canons who fought against efforts to eliminate sweatshops in New York City's garment district around the turn of the century (the last one, that is).

It is interesting that racism has a broader history than Black v. White, and that to some people, ends justify means, human suffering notwithstanding.

As I read further into Gould's essays (The Lying Stones...), I found a reference to Carl Jung. How utterly synchronistic. I would have loved to have met Gould. He was about the same age as my brother, who, fortunately, is still among us and writing some pretty good poetry. So, we can believe all we wish about anything we choose. Or, we can believe nothing at all.

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