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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Bertrand Russell is reputed to have said something like the following: Science is the study of things we know; philosophy: the study of those we don't. I find most gadgets annoying and intrusive, probably because they are generally related in some way to communication, which is often annoying and intrusive---for example, my home phone just rang, showing a caller ID number unknown to me. The robo caller hung up when invited by my machine, to leave a message. It is now about 8:15 pm---well past my interest in answering an unwanted call.

So, you can have your gadgets. I would unplug my home phone tonight before going to bed. But my wife is in the hospital. And she might not remember my cell phone number, should she not be able to get through on the land line. It is another aspect of our tendency to worship technology---which, by the way,is a big piece of historionic effect.

Sooner or later,we will pick up on this enigma. I'm betting on it.

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