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Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Good luck with the cold. I work out all year round and by mid February things are back to normal - plenty of open equipment and lockers... Keep it up!

Was that bug most likely "gifted" to you from a member at the health club facility. Are you an advocate of annual flu shots? It was interesting to learn flu shots are formulated on the guesstimated mutations they expect to appear.

Do you have a theory regarding the appeal of health clubs as opposed to home workouts? Of course the clubs offer the greatest variety of equipment compared to modest home gyms, but there has to be an attraction arising from social interaction.

If mingling is the attraction why do so few people interact? Perhaps healthy exhibitionism is the primary appeal of clubs.

I never thought the day would come when I would be researching issues related to HGH and testoserone, which undoubtedly impact motivational factors underlying the desire to attack the equipment. Andropause is an extreme downer.

Oh well. Still have photos and videos of those 20 mile bike rides, and recently came across a bike log which estimated the number of pedal pumps during a few year span; 1.6 million or 800,000 per leg.

Next project; Researching how to raise HGH naturally.

BTW: any readers contemplating acquisition of an electric bike to tackle the 12? mile lakefront path should research PRODECO. $1,000 to $1,200 (total cost delivered) is a modest amount for a high quality bike, and this FL manufacturer has received rave reviews. S/H costs are lessened due to the fact most of their designs are folding bikes which require minimal assembly.


Not sure where I picked this up this bug. Could have been the gym, but a couple of patients showed up with similar symptoms a few days before I began to develop symptoms, so.

I like the variety of equipment at the gym, and it's nice to know people there. I do interact with some. At one time, I had a pretty good home gym, mats, free weights and even a Stairmaster, but had no place for all of it in the next household move, so we sold it all off.

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