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Friday, March 30, 2012


X;How would you define "a narcissisticaly depleted state of mind"?

The word narcissistic opens a complicated, confusing can of worms. One way to think about this is that internal deficiency rather than conflict gives rise to the depressive states. There isn't enough internal stuff, you could say, to maintain a vital self that is characterized by a sense place in the world and purpose in life. There is typically an underlying sense of shame, inadequacy and weakness. That lack may be covered over by a persona that masks the core feelings of deficiency. People who are prone to these depressive states may feel like they're a presenting a false self to others and that others don't know how deficient, empty or defective they really are. There are many ways this could play out and there are different perspectives on what's really happening internally, but insufficiency is central. And it's generally thought that the depressive states emerge with loss of external supports that provide admiration, recognition and approval, leaving only the inadequate internal supports.

A marvelous example!

Do you recommend the book in general? It looks intriguing.

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