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Wednesday, March 28, 2012



It's a good book. I like what I've read of Nancy McWilliams, but didn't read this when it was originally published knowing it's an introductory, survey type of work. But I was chatting with a psychiatry resident in my building and she was reading it as an assignment in supervision and raving about it. Probably a wonderful change of pace from the DSM and living in a world of receptor obsession.

I'm finding it worthwhile to read McWilliams's opinions (there are many) and find her pragmatic synthesis of the broad range of analytic-dynamic perspectives refreshing. I'd even say this a good book for thoughtful people who aren't in the field, but are interested in a subject. If I were teaching undergrad psychopathology (or do they call it something else now, like function and dysfunction?), I'd be mightily tempted to require this book.

Ignore my question on the later post; I'll add this to my Amazon wishlist!

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