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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Since my son's death last year, I've been inundated with calls and letters from debt collectors. The majority of the debts are from hospitals and doctors he saw in the 12 months before he died. Most of them are for copays. None are all that large, but there's a lot of them.

So nothing a debt collector does surprises me now. You should hear the ones that specialize in collecting debts from family members of dead people.

Laws regulate debt collection but legislators are reluctant to put sharp teeth in them because corporate money is the lifeblood of successful political careers. Most politicians are incapable of doing the right thing when corporate money is at stake.

So on it goes. Existing laws are freely flouted. Our state AGs should seek criminal indictments against collection companies, but they won't. That's a bridge too far for anyone who wants to continue a career in government.

Having debt collectors in emergency rooms does have an up side. If the collector has to break the deadbeat's arm to make his point, at least there is medical care nearby.

A Bear:

I think that's what they mean by improving quality of care.

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