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Saturday, April 14, 2012


The better question is... how much do they pay the nanny?

I nannied for very wealthy families as a college student. I would watch the parents give their kids a hundred dollar bill as pocket change on a school field trip. Then they would pay me $5 an hour... an never, ever tip (or even round up a half hour).

I would never have stolen from the kids... but I sometimes wonder what the parents were thinking shabbily treating the person who had sole care of their children for hours at a time. I was trustworty (and really did love the kids) but what if I wasn't?

I heard she removed $600 but left $2,300.

My first thought was it could have been an integrity test, but if that was the case daddy would have probably installed 14 cameras in the room.

I used to baby sit a youngster while in HS. My only crime was rigging the board games so I could vanquish my opponent quickly and put him to bed sooner. His dad boasted an impressive adult magazine collection. I believe the rate back then was 50 or 75 cents/hr. Geriatric care was $1.50.

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