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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Romney spoke at the Liberty University commencement this week. He would been howled out of any respectable school.

Emotional images, notwithstanding, the argument returns (seems to me) to a matter of influence and influence arises from both monetary and non-monetary bases. I keep hearing how Mitt Romney is a successful businessman, who made(kes) a lot of money because of his professional prowess. I keep seeing a jackass who, clearly, is not the savvy wonder-boy he and his handlers claim him to be.

I ask myself: why should any successful business person wish to run for president of these United States? George Soros appears to have no such aspiration. Nor does Warren Buffett (though Mr. Buffett is arguably old for the the task---but what if he weren't?)

There are all sorts of answers. Barack Obama wanted to make history. And so he did. But, depending on where one sits, his performance has been about a B-...if I am not being too generous.

Those things one does as a child are only that---unless there is reason to believe the child never outgrew his/her youthful foolishness. I have never said:some of my best friends are gay. That would be a lie. But neither have I said: gays are a blight upon humanity and ought to be, how is it put be some radical factions: re-programmed.

Whoever you may be (or is that WHOMEVER), I suggest you not place much (choose one: faith; stock; confidence)in Mr. Romney. I think he has always been a jackass and is as phoney as a three-dollar bill. Oh, and by the way, how DID he get so rich anyway?

Characters abound in politics. Ain't THAT America?

Romney wasn't a child.

He was over 18.

This was premeditated assault with a weapon, with the added element of the conspiracy (or incitement?) of Romney's schoolmate posse.

Where's his shame? How dare he laugh this crime off as a youthful transgression? If he really believes that excuse is valid, then he should be on TV right now, pledging to release thousands of imprisoned pot users if he is elected.

Few would argue that inhaling smoke is a more dangerous transgression than assembling a gang to assault and disfigure a single, inoffensive person.

Romney just doesn't get it, and I understand that. But why do so few other people not get it?


Chronology noted. But I will not split hairs or argue semantics. Your last two sentences say it best, I think. Politicians are, well, inconsistent. And that is a low down dirty shame.


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