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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Aren't we done with this yet? Aren't we done with the death of Michael Jackson; Whitney Houston; Andy Rooney and several dozen others who have died in the last few years? Doesn't anyone think it mundane that this issue (911) resurfaces now, in an election year, when the nations' first blacker (inrellectual, and all---)fights to be re-elected. Barack Obama is a 'flash in the pan'---yet one more example of what Lou Dobbs called: "the best government money can buy". Why do you suppose Clarence Thomas does not ask questions? Go back to his Anita Hill encounter, if you can recall it,and ask yourself: why would this bureaucrat ever have been appointed to the Supreme Court? Answer: he is black; republican and innocuous: exactly what was expected at the time of his appointment.

This man gets paid a lot of money for being a fence post. And Obama? Word is he does not even need the money. Nor did Bush. And isn't that the way this works? The best government money can buy. No wonder Lou got bounced. Truth is dangerous. Telling it can be fatal.

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