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Monday, June 25, 2012


My first thought is to say the judge oughtn't order the force feeding. (Disclosure: I'm relying on my sense of right and wrong and not on any legal knowledge of what the law compels.) I would see it as analogous to committing an alcoholic who is slowly killing himself but otherwise not a proximate danger to anyone else.

Also, from what (very little) I know about anorexia, I imagine that the force feeding will not resolve the underlying problem and after she's released, she will probably go back to starving herself. Also, after her release, she might be more reluctant to seek medical care in case such a commitment might happen again.

However, it gets murky. I'm not sure how steadfast I'd be in support of my principles if I were the judge.

Peirre Corneille, I find this one difficult, so I appreciate hearing what you have to say. It's one of those situations in which some of us face our own competing moral values. In a simple, black and white moral universe, I don't think that's supposed to happen, but it does, so decent people can find themselves uneasy with any decision they exercise.

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