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Friday, June 01, 2012


But what was the dog like? And why a Dalmatian? Lovely animal-was it friendly? A fire dog?

Well-trained, extremely good-natured dog, was great with kids, but also very protective of his family.

My mother wanted a big, protective dog around the place to make her feel safe. He was quite over-sized for the breed, just over 90lbs--about 20 lbs heavier than the heaviest, typical male dalmatian. Why a dalmatian? Beats me.

Reminds me of the Dalmatian we had when my children were very young. He was great with them and very protective of them. I learned that I should reprimand them only in a neutral tone of voice when he was around.

The only problem that ever caused was that he and I had different opinions on what the children should or should not eat.

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