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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I was never going to eat there, anyway, as they're GODbot dickwads. This is just more disincentive.

I hate fast food ordinarily, but Chick Fil A is the least dreadful tasting of any, so I say the hell with politics. If I have to eat crappy McDonald's somewhere because it's more PC than Chick Fil A (say on a Fil A) it will not make me think fondly of the shriekers and attackers here. Where does it end?! What if people targeted Catholic owned businesses because of the Pope's hateful views about the ordination of women? I could do that, but I recognize that this is a free country and others are free to belong to groups that believe things repugnant to me. It Wd be more appropriate to target Chick Fil A for the battery chicken farming than the owner's politics. Ask them to transition to healthier poultry sourcing...

I meant shriekers etc about this issue in general, not on this site which has rational and thought provokIng commentary. Also, I am obviously not anti Catholic, but I fear the slippery slope if people begin boycotting businesses because of groups an owner supports. if you think about it, this logic could be used to boycott many Catholic, Muslim, Hindu businesses as well. Nobody forces an individual to patronize a business but demonizing one seems in-American to me. We are not talking about a company that makes poisons for chemical warfare, but delicious clean food that families can enjoy on trips instead of the usual fast food garbage.

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