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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well, Wendy---I think you nailed it in your final paragraph. It is commerce and money. Because everyone wants to make a buck and another, and, another. There seems to be little shock value in anything these days, therefore, contrary to the old paradigm, people simply do what they do, for nothing more significant than $$$$$$.

And, here we are. Now, the Doc may have something to add here---or maybe not. In any case, most everything sells---it is not just about sex anymore.

the Carpenter

Hi Dr. X!

I've got a bad case of OOS (Olympic Overload Syndrome) myself, so I sympathize with Wendy and you and Dave, of course. Every magazine I pick up to has an article about it, be it "All You" or GQ. I can't remember a more hyped Olympics! However, to be fair, the ESPN magazine in question featured nude MALE athletes as well, and, it seemed to me, the majority of the photos were of men. I'm not sure why Wendy focused on the volleyball team in particular, unless maybe it was the only picture she saw from the issue. She seems to be referring to the one of them sitting together, covering up their youknowwhats (there is another of them actually playing volleyball).

Anyway, if the question is, is the "push" for this Olympiad nauseating so far? Answer: Yes, indeed. If, though, the question is, are these photos worthy of being singled out for scorn because they are sexist and exploitative of women? You be the judge. Highlight the below link to follow it:


Interesting photos, particularly the "bodies in motion" ones. And the paralympic rower.

All of the photos have been photoshopped out the wazoo, which in a few of them is sort of funny -- body parts are missing.

The men posed too....

.. and regardless of the "if" "why" "should" 's of posing nude at all for public viewing-- these bodies are magnificent examples of the muscular anatomy, I found the photos from that point of view, amazing. Seriously, muscles so defined, are usually only in drawings in anatomy and physiology texts. I think the photos are inspiring in that regard!

I do though, think that the Olympians could have left the clothes on, and posed for action shots depicting their sport to get the same health/athletic point across.

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