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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I wish there were something similar about women or with a woman or women as the central characters.

I'm actually glad there are fewer shows about destructive women (but there ARE some: Nurse Jackie, Weeds, reven8e)
When I see the shows, I can't help to draw a parallel to real men and women, and I hate to think that there are actually people like this in society today...
Alas, there really are...

I stopped watching Weeds three seasons ago. Now Nurse Jackie -- even at its darkest, has not come close to the darkness of Breaking Bad. And unlike the men in those series, Jackie is attempting to clean up her life.

I am at the same point with Breaking Bad...

Seeing Walter go deeper into the spiral is incredibly disheartening...

But now I am hooked, and I HAVE to watch to the end, with the hope that he will get what is coming to him.

I have no such hope for Don Draper of Mad Men. I had to stop watching that after 3 episodes, 3 different trysts with three different women while he was married, and no remorse whatsoever.
I guess I saw too much "reality" in that show, while pretty far-fetched to see a Chemistry teacher turning into a Meth kingpin capable of breaking a cartel...


That last episode was for me a tipping point with Walter. I had an unpleasant visceral reaction unlike anything I've previously experienced in reaction to him. Utterly contemptible, and that's saying a lot given just how far he'd already fallen on the moral scale. Watching it was really unpleasant, but I think this where it had to go.

I'll save may current thoughts on the psychology of the decline for one of Dr. Cheryl's posts.

Any wagers on who it is that kills Walter in the end? Hank? Jesse? A friend thinks Walter is going to kill Jesse.

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