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Thursday, August 02, 2012


heh heh. Nice observation.

Mind you, to be fair, I doubt that Israel has as many drug or alcohol addicted or obese people as the US. Life in Israel has it's own stresses but I suspect that they don't do as much physiological damage as ours. Correct me if I'm wrong. But the threat of being blown up by a terrorist bomb, or having to serve in the Army or opposing one's own government when it violates people's civil liberties or struggling to live decently with people of different religions when extremists want to kill each other often brings out peopl'e idealism and courage and nobler emotions. Sometimes danger and difficulty improve people and their health (they seem to have done to the health of the British civilians during WWII, so far as I have read). Again, if I am full of it, tell me, and I will stand corrected.

By contrast, people in our country face little real danger. The horror in Aurora was so devastating because so statistically improbable and unthinkable. We feel comfortable and safe here normally. Americans are like Hobbits who want to leave all the evil nastiness outside in the bad far away world. We are outraged with evil intrudes on us. Hobbits overeat, drink too much, smoke and don't take enough exercise. Ordinarily we deal with different kinds of stress to Israelis (who are smack in the middle of a war zone)-- we are agonizing about fractured families, unemployment, income inequality, corrupt leaders, etc.-- that sometimes make one feel like a beer or six or binging on food in helpless disgust. Our leaders have perfectly quieted the majority of us with bread and circusses that make us somnolent, compliant and unlikely to question authority.

Plus, different cultural and ethnic groups have susceptibility to different diseases, genetic or lifestyle related. It should be noted that people are constantly discussing worsening North American physical health without (usually) breaking it down by group. If one were serious about improving public health, one should look at which groups get which diseases so that one could help prevent those diseases, not just treat them after people get sick. Public health recommendations should be targetted to different communities, with sensitivity. For example, Muslim countries have hours when women can swim separately from men so that their modesty can be respected. In our country, tho, we have a one size fits all approach to fitness and health that doesn't reach most people who really need to get healthier.

Plus, even poor people in the US seem to have more money to spend on cheap junk food than people in most other countries of the world. I always used to be staggered going home to visit my parents in Europe how tiny the portions and packages of food in the supermarkets (and expensive) things were compared to the US.

My take is this: does Romney know ANYTHING? He has pretty much made himself the fool during his trip to demonstrate his knowledge and statesmanship. The world laughed,nervously, when GW Bush became president. The fear was well-founded. Now, the world laughs in true jest---because it recognizes a buffoon who is clearly out of his depth. That's it from me, in less than 500 words.
Heh, heh...

Has anyone else wondered if it goes beyond foolishness? Listening on the radio I've had the oddest reaction "this man ski ds querulous and cross like latter stage Reagan when (unbeknownst to all of us) the latter had early Alzheimer's. A major symptom is an intolerance of opposition . Of course this also characterizes many people who have got rich off the misery of others. But it might explain why his handlers try to keep the press away. And why he so royally puts his foot in his mouth when speaking in public. Of course part of the trouble is that being rich and. Or pirate I'll prepares you to be a servant and representative of the people. He's running for Emperor, not president.

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R, need to get to bigger screen. ;)

More importantly, does he know that Isreali UHC includes abortion services?

Great column in our daily rag today by Robin Blumner: Israeli plan Romney touts is socialism... Send her a kudo @ blumner@sptimes.com .

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