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Sunday, September 16, 2012


"These matters were often handled in the shadows and in a manner that was completely inadequate for the protection children."

These matters are still handled with very different methods, depending upon one's financial resources and affiliations. The RCC still covers up the abusers by moving them. A number of those abusers are actually in fairly high ecclesiastical office. The problem continues although with much more active prosecution of miscreants, when they are discovered.

I was sexually abused for several years when I was young. My abuser, a staunch catholic, went to his grave unpunished and my family when told about the situation of my abuse, years later by me, pretty much stuck their fingers in their ears and did the "la-la-la" song.

Otoh, you have people on "sex offender" lists for having sex with their actual girlfriend/boyfriend or taking a piss behind a building. That is nonsense, pure and simple.

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